Tulip tries a 4-day week with its workforce

The cloud-based retail mobile solutions company wants its workers to reduce working hours so that they can have more vacation time


Tulip, the cloud-based retail mobile solutions company, is all set to offer its employees more flexibility. The Company is of the belief that as long as its business needs are met and supported, the employees should be free to work the way they wish to.

Presently, the employees are being allowed to work for four or four and a half days a week, to test how it improves their productivity and satisfaction levels.

The objective is to let employees strike a balance between work and life. Keeping the need for work-life balance in mind, Tulip’s ‘work-cation’ benefit allows employees to reduce their hours of work so that they can enjoy more vacation time.

Tulip, which has offices in Canada and Italy, took feedback from its employees regarding return to office too. The survey revealed that about 80 per cent of the workforce wished to continue with the work-from-home arrangement. However, almost the same number also expressed the desire to get together and interact with colleagues at least once a quarter. Therefore, the Company is sure that only a hybrid approach will work.

To make this happen, Tulip is working on the ‘hub cities’ concept, wherein it will try to open offices in areas where a significant number of its employees reside.

The Company is also open to helping employees who wish to shift to international locations, and is clear that it will not force any employee to come to office, irrespective of the location they are working from. It has already invested generously to facilitate remote working and ensure successful virtual team building.

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