Nippon Paint’s SAHYOG reaches out to people with special needs

The programme will train and create jobs for the differently abled children of the NGO, PORDAC.


Japanese paint brand, Nippon Paint, has launched SAHYOG, an initiative aimed at creating job opportunities for people with special needs in India.

Under the programme, students with Autism Spectrum Disorder from the Delhi-based NGO, Protection of the Rights of Differently Abled Children (PORDAC) will join as trainee interns in the paint division of the Company. They will be trained specifically on Nippon Paint’s special-edition products.

A differently-abled child from Delhi, Thamjit Mayengbam, who suffers from Down Syndrome, has already begun training at the Okhla unit of Nippon Paint India, in Delhi.

Known for coming up with ways to engage with society and offer opportunities, Nippon Paint is probably the first multinational organisation to have launched such an initiative in India.

The programme will help the specially-abled children from PORDAC to overcome the myths surrounding their disability, build confidence in themselves and move towards fulfilling their dreams. The Company recognises their special talents and hopes to tap them and contribute towards their future.

This rare opportunity will not only make these children with special needs employable, but will also ensure dignity for them. Post internship at Nippon, these children from PORDAC will definitely find more meaning in their lives and feel a sense of empowerment.

That is not all, SAHYOG by Nippon will inspire others to do something as meaningful for those with special needs.

The NGO, PORDAC came into existence in 2009 with the aim of ensuring that differently abled kids also find dignity and meaning in life. Nippon has no doubt helped it to hasten forward towards its goal.

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