Strikes & protests across the globe by unhappy workers

Public services have been affected due to protesting workers seeking to be heard by the authorities, in various parts of the world


In Assam, India, the Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union (APMU) has announced an indefinite strike starting 4 March 2023.

The LPG transport workers, who drive LPG tankers and carry cylinders across the State will stop loading and unloading work at various plants in protest of not being given a pay hike. The disgruntled workers are also seeking other benefits along with an increment.

All movement of trucks transporting cylinders and tankers will come to a halt. This is expected to cause a scarcity of fuel in the retail market.

Elsewhere, in northern India, in Delhi, the teachers of Delhi University (DU) went on a hunger strike to have their demands met. The teachers wish for governing bodies to be formed in 28 colleges funded by the Delhi government. They also want ad hoc and temporary teachers to be absorbed by various DU colleges.

Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, workers/ members of about 40 trade unions across various sectors, such as banking, public health and ports, have called for a strike.

The protestors are unhappy with the government’s latest economic-reform policies at a time when the country is awaiting a $2.9 billion financial package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This aid is expected to help the country recover from the financial crash of last year. However, gearing up for the same, the government had slapped a two-fold hike in taxes and three-fold hike in electricity tariff, which has burdened workers across sectors, who are finding it tough to fulfil their families’ needs.

As part of the strike, doctors at Sri Lanka’s National Hospital in Colombo will only deal with emergency cases. Doctors have been asked by the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) to refrain from their private practices in solidarity. Teachers’ unions will also participate by putting up black flags in their schools.

The protestors are also unhappy about the local government elections being postponed due to dearth of funds.

In England, junior doctors are preparing for a 72-hour strike after talks with the British government failed to show any positive outcome. While nurses and other staff of NHS were granted a hike of 4.75 per cent on an average, the health workers feel that this is inadequate considering the rising inflation. The government, however, feels that any more increase is not feasible or affordable.

If further negotiations do not take place, junior doctors plan to go on strike on 13 March, 2023.

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