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Interesting and differentiated view-point on age-old practices by people who understand and practice people science

I have seen many organisations bleeding profusely, due to mistrust, non-cooperation and lack of mutual understanding and strengthening. This is basically because of egocentrism and immaturity.

Deep listening skills are the foundation of strong relationships, respectful communication and responsive leadership. 

A majority of the IR managers and trade union leaders are not aware of the legal, behavioural, business and conceptual aspects of unionisation—labour, productivity, benefits, IR, leadership, role modelling, discipline and business management which is why they have a short time perspective to resolve an issue.

Spirituality may seem like a foreign concept in M.B.A. programmes, where many students are fixated on placements and six-figure salaries. This continuous preoccupation of theirs can lead to unrealistic expectations resulting in failed illusions and lost hopes. It is here that such courses can have a timely and healing effect.

Every incident is a learning and at the same time an opportunity to prove oneself. Following the United Airlines fiasco, the carrier had a golden opportunity to display the right leadership attitude, which it unfortunately failed to take advantage of. So what was the missed opportunity?

Knowing the solution to a problem before others are even aware that something is ‘wrong’ is deemed by some as concrete proof of their elevated expertise. Fair enough. Unfortunately, from everyone else’s perspective, those solutions — seemingly disconnected from the issue at hand — lack credibility and are considered unconvincing.