Udemy to launch corporate learning solution in India

Companies, such as Wipro, Tech Mahindra, and Tetrasoft are already using Udemy for Business to help their employees upskill and remain relevant and competitive.


Online learning platform, Udemy, has revealed its intention to launch its corporate learning solution, Udemy for Business, in India. This subscription-based offering comprises 3,500 of Udemy’s top ranking business and technical courses. The launch is based on the potential for growth, which the Company sees in India. Its consumer base in the country is fast expanding with Indian companies increasingly investing in upskilling their workforce with the latest skills, as per global standards. Udemy plans to cash in on the organisations’ interest to ensure their employees remain competitive and relevant in the face of changing times.

Over 50,000 instructors at Udemy teach over 130,000 courses in more than 60 languages. The Udemy for Business team is known to offer the highest-rated courses on relevant business subjects including development, data science, design, IT and software, marketing, office productivity, management, personal development, project management, sales, and so on. Udemy for Business is equipped to provide the latest content on the skills that are relevant and most sought after today — skills that employees require to be productive and become stronger leaders and collaborators.

As a successful online learning platform, Udemy has been helping students, businesses, and governments master skills that will ensure competitiveness in today’s economy. It has benefitted more than 40 million students and offers about 130,000 online courses on a variety of subjects including, programming, data science, leadership and team building.

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