Microsoft Teams integrates with Phenom, a global talent-experience management platform

The integration of the two will help speed up the hiring process, by facilitating better coordination between managers and talent-acquisition teams


Hiring managers and recruiters can now seamlessly exchange information during talent acquisition on Teams, through Phenom, which will track every interaction. This comes as a response to the pandemic, as remote working and virtual hiring is being adopted across tech platforms.

The candidates and employees will also benefit from this front-end experience in Microsoft Teams that monitors internal mobility and scans the applications of candidates. Talent Experience Management (TXM) and Teams will come together to reduce collaborative attrition for many small-scale and large-scale enterprises that use Teams for communication.

New upgrades are now available for capability functions for both interviewers and managers. Recruiters can forward promising resumes to the talent managers who can then evaluate them. This facilitates the next step, the automated video interview scheduling for a single candidate or group interviews. Interviewers can utilise in-meeting side panels for notes, as the managers stay focused on the interview.

Employees will also benefit from this collaboration with Team’s internal mobility tools within easy reach. They can browse for job openings based on their portfolio and skillset and get automated answers for common FAQs, which will save the HR team valuable time. Employees can also get job referrals for family and friends, and track their application status.

Team users and Phenom customers can now easily choose candidates that best suit their organisation, without disrupting their workflow. Virtual hiring is more likely to continue, post the opening of offices.

The integration of TXM with Team boosts productivity and gives recruiters access to more areas for hiring candidates. With hybrid and remote-working culture here to stay, the HR team will have their work simplified with artificial intelligence (AI).

Phenom also recently acquired My Ally, a powerful talent-management AI, which can schedule 20,000 interviews every week.

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