NHRDN introduces chatbot, ‘Ati’

NHRDN is the first apex body that has taken the initiative to include a chatbot in its workforce.


The National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN) has welcomed a new member to its national secretariat called Ati, a chatbot that can interact with humans and help solve day to day queries of the people. ‘Ati’ means beyond human imagination in Hindi and in Spanish it stands for ‘to you’. Ati is at your service all the time. NHRDN is the first apex body to take this initiative of including a chatbot in the workforce.

Dhananjay Singh, director general, NHRDN believes that it is very important for humans to understand technology and appreciate it. According to him, robots and humans should together drive the workforce in an organisation. Singh says,” We keep talking about machines and technology but never really take an initiative to promote them in the real world.” He emphasised on the fact that organisations and people keep talking about introducing technology at work but they never actually get down to doing it. “We can not talk about Ayurveda in conferences keeping Ayurveda away from the kitchen and dining table. Similarly, we are just talking about technology but nobody is making an effort to introduce it,” says Singh.

Ati performs various tasks which has eased the workload of the people.

Updation of records –Whenever the members working in different countries move to some other place, the chatbot automatically records the information.

Membership details – If anyone wants to become a member of NHRDN, the chatbot can provide all the required information.

Details of volunteers – The chatbot can also provide details of the volunteers and the initiatives taken by them.

According to Singh, all members have given a very positive response to this initiative and everyone is pleased.

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