Dabur Stresscom organises mental health session for Mahindra Finance employees


In the organized sector over 52% of employees report being hyper stressed, however, and 94% report being stressed out, Mental Health Expert – Prakriti Poddar, while addressing the webinar

August 2020: At a time when mental health support has never been more pivotal, Mahindra Finance in association with Dabur Stresscom curated an integrated session on mental health and wellness. The session delivered by renowned mental health expert and Trans – personal therapist Dr. Praktiti Poddar focused on wellbeing at the workplace and helping employees identify, understand and manage stress in these ever-changing and unprecedented hard times.

According to a recent study by Buffer and AngelList, 18 percent of professionals claim that they feel isolated while working remotely. This has now made it imperative for companies to ensure the mental and physical well-being of their employees to create a conducive, innovative and high-performing organizational culture. With Covid-19 completely disrupting the way businesses work, Dabur Stresscom dedicated itself to organize a series of webinars designed to provide corporates, employees, and the wider business community with the latest evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and how to address it.

While emphasizing on distress to eustress using the Albert Ellis Model for the mental wellbeing of employees, Prakriti Poddar, Expert in Mental Health, Director Poddar Wellness Ltd, said, “There is a lot of stress, especially among the young generation not only in their personal lives but also in their professional lives. They get caught up in flux and are often at a loss about their future, which just adds to their stress. If we talk about working professionals, in the organized sector over 52% report feelings of high stress, however, just feeling ‘stressed’ equals 94%. The pandemic has exacerbated the situation, given the loss of jobs, or the threat of losing one’s job, to the stress of online work, and juggling family life.

“It is extremely positive that companies such as Dabur, Mahindra, etc are looking into mental health and well-being in the workplace. Additionally, webinars like these encourage depth of understanding, introspection, and creative problem solving which is a primary skill required in times like these. The impact of mental ill-health on the global economy is projected to be about $2.5 billion p.a. and an estimated 12 billion days are lost due to mental ill-health. We know we can intervene to improve mental health in the workplace effectively. The return on investment of improving mental health in the workplace is four times the cost. Each individual is living and battling their own problems and therefore uplifting them requires a deep understanding of their experiences and world view.” added Prakriti.

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