After 1000 layoffs Lyft requires employees working from office


Lyft, the popular ride-hailing company, has asked its remaining employees to return to the office at least three days a week, following the recent layoff of over 1,000 workers.  

David Risher, the new CEO who joined the company in April, believes that face-to-face communication is essential for faster and more effective problem-solving. According to the New York Times, employees are expected to work from the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with Tuesdays recommended. However, this decision contradicts Lyft’s statement last year that it supported a fully flexible workplace, giving employees the choice to work from home or the office. Risher believes that remote work in the tech industry has led to isolation and eroded the company’s culture.

In March, Lyft announced that Risher, a former executive at Amazon and Microsoft who served on Lyft’s board, would replace the company’s founders, John Zimmer and Logan Green. Shortly after his appointment, Risher announced that there would be significant layoffs as part of the company’s restructuring to better serve riders and drivers. 

Lyft is set to eliminate over 250 vacant job positions and bear expenses ranging from $41 million to $47 million in severance pay and employee benefits in Q2, as per a Reuters report. The funds saved from the job cuts will be utilised to enhance the services offered to both riders and drivers. This is Lyft’s second phase of job reductions, following the elimination of 700 jobs in November, which constituted roughly 13 percent of the total workforce.

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