Karnataka police to recruit transgender candidates

The decision follows Kerala High Court’s order to ensure one per cent horizontal reservation in public- employment jobs for transgenders


Karnataka State Police (KSP) has issued a notice that it’ll now accept applications for the post of special reserve sub-inspector in KSRP and Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) from men, women and members of the transgender community. The last date to apply for 70 available vacancies is January 18.

Karnataka has become the first state to implement one per cent horizontal reservation in public employment jobs for transgenders, following the landmark direction of the Kerala High Court in July this year.

The decision was made after a city-based NGO and rights group, Sangama, and activist Nisha Gulur, filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking government jobs. Senior advocate BT Venkatesh had represented the issue in court. The decision was well received by everyone, and Venkatesh said that the Court’s decision is a step towards ensuring equal rights to the members of the transgender community. No other state in the country has made any move to create job opportunities for transgenders as of yet.

All the eligible transgender candidates can apply for the posts and will go through the same process of recruitment as any other person for the job. Sangama has lauded the KSP’s decision to accept transgender candidates and also expressed interest in supporting anyone from the community who wishes to apply for the notified vacancies.

This is a truly progressive step by the KSP in the right direction to curb discrimination against transgenders in India.

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