Fujitsu Consulting to expand team by 600 this year

The hiring will be for junior to middle levels, including front-office and sales personnel


The 4,500-strong workforce of Fujitsu Consulting will witness the addition of about 600 new people by the end of this year. The Pune-headquartered IT services consulting unit of the Fujitsu Group in India, is taking its inclusivity agenda very seriously. The Company is offering employment opportunities to members of the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities (PwD). Fujitsu Consulting is aiming to create a truly global workforce, with employees from various backgrounds, culture and educational levels.

While most of the hiring will take place for Pune and Chennai, since a majority of the workforce are working from home, the location of the candidates will not be an issue. The new hires will just be asked to work from wherever they are located, and laptops will be provided to them for the purpose.

With India being home to one of Fujitsu’s largest delivery centres, globally, it is also a major growth market. The hiring will be for junior to middle levels, including front-office and sales personnel.

Fujitsu has always been committed to achieving inclusivity at the workplace. Its employee assistance programme (EAP) and employee resource group (ERG) have been helping persons with disabilities and neurodiverse employees to feel comfortable at work. Not surprisingly, the employment rate of persons with disabilities at Fujitsu had reportedly reached 2.23 per cent in the financial year 2019.

The Company realises that the involvement of senior leaders and mid-level managers is essential to ensure diversity and inclusivity across levels.

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