Global head – HR, Deutsche Bank, quits  company

The news has generated interest and speculation in the financial community. In a note to the bank's staff, obtained by Dow Jones, Ilgner explained his departure, citing the recent organisational restructuring with human resources and real estate now under the supervision of the bank's COO, Rebecca Short


Deutsche Bank announced on June 30, 2023 that Michael Ilgner,  global head of human resources and real estate, has decided to leave the company. This news has generated interest and speculation within the financial community. Ilgner’s departure is set to take effect on September 30, allowing for a transition period before his successor is officially announced by the bank.

In a note addressed to the bank’s staff, which was obtained by Dow Jones, Ilgner expressed his rationale for departing at this particular juncture. He highlighted the fact that the supervision of human resources and real estate has been entrusted to Deutsche Bank’s chief operating officer, Rebecca Short. Given this organisational restructuring, Ilgner believed it was an opportune time for him to explore external opportunities and take on fresh challenges beyond the bank.

However, it’s worth noting that earlier this year, several news outlets reported on an investigation initiated by Deutsche Bank regarding the purchase of the bank’s bonds by a senior executive. Interestingly, a filing revealed that Ilgner had acquired the company’s bonds just days prior to the release of the bank’s earnings report. Deutsche Bank has chosen to remain silent on the matter and declined to comment on the said probe. Similarly, Ilgner himself has not provided an immediate response or clarification.

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