Infosys accused of bias, discrimination

The IT major’s ex VP – talent acquisition, Jill Prejean, has alleged that she faced retaliation when she refused to discriminate while hiring, which appeared to be the culture


Infosys has been accused of discrimination while hiring. Apparently, the IT major avoided hiring women with children, people of Indian origin and those aged 50 or more. These allegations have been made by a former vice president – talent acquisition, Infosys, Jill Prejean.

Prejean says that she had to face retaliation and unfair treatment simply because she refused to give in to the Company’s pressure to discriminate.

She has now sued Infosys, and this is not the first time that the IT major is facing allegations of discrimination in hiring in the US.

The lawsuit has been filed against the Company, as well as against Mark Livingston, a fomer senior VP and head of consulting, and Dan Albright and Jerry Kurtz, ex- partners.

Prejean maintains that she invited the hostility of the two former partners when she refused to discriminate while hiring senior executives. She herself had joined Infosys in 2018, at the age of 59, and was appalled to find that while hiring, candidates were discriminated against basis their age, gender and caregiving commitments at home.

She also states that when she tried to change this culture, she met with resistance from seniors, including Kurtz and Albright.

The Company and the accused maintain that Prejean does not have sufficient proof to back her allegations and therefore, her case should be dismissed.

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