Hybrid work model is Infosys’ preference

The IT major realises the importance of social interactions and hopes to allow flexibility to its employees along with more opportunity to work from office in the near future


Considering the uncertainty surrounding the workplace owing to the ongoing pandemic, Infosys prefers the flexibility of a hybrid model of work for its employees. That is, employees may work from home or from office, according to the conditions at the time, in the different locations.

It is clear that the work from home arrangement did not take Infosys by surprise as the Company was familiar with this practice even before the pandemic. Having invested in technology and relevant infrastructure, the employees were able to take to remote working like fish to water. Its 2,40,000 employees across 40 countries were able to smoothly transition to the work-from-home mode.

However, the Company does believe in social interactions and networking. It feels that investment in social capital is also critical, and therefore, work-from-office will be given more importance too. A final decision is yet to be taken on how to go about this.

Google too has allowed its employees to work from home till September next year. As reported last week, even when Google’s offices do reopen, employees may be required to come into office only thrice a week. This will be a test to guage the level of collaboration, productivity and employee well being that can be achieved by this kind of flexibility.

Google is also looking at ways to make the COVID-19 vaccine available to its employees, after the most at-risk groups of people have been vaccinated worldwide.

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