Infosys commits to flexibility amidst return-to-office trend in IT sector

Infosys keeps remote work options, with over 70% of employees back in the office. Salary increases for most employees are delayed until November 2023.


Amidst reports of IT services companies phasing out hybrid and remote-work arrangements and urging their employees to return to office full time, Infosys has emphasised its commitment to maintain flexibility for its workforce. The company noted that more employees have been returning to the company’s campuses each week, and it hopes this trend will persist. Currently, over 70 per cent of employees have already returned to the office.

Infosys has also announced that salary increases that typically become effective in April for employees below senior management, have been postponed. They will now come into effect next month, that is, November 2023.

In light of the ongoing conflict in Israel, the company has assured that it has measures in place to ensure the safety and support of its employees in the region in the event of further developments.

Infosys won’t be recruiting from college campuses this year due to a surplus of fresh graduates in its workforce amid reduced demand in key markets. The company aims to improve employee efficiency and utilisation, targeting 84-85 per cent. The IT services industry usually hires 20-25 per cent of India’s annual engineering graduates, but weak market conditions are causing firms to cut back on fresh graduate hiring.

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