Walmart announces pay raise for employees

The earnings of many of its staff will now increase from $11 per hour to $15. Some may even earn up to $30 per hour.


Walmart, the American multinational retail company, will give its 165,000 employees a pay hike. As a result, many of its employees who were working on an hourly basis at its deli and bakery units, earning $11 per hour, will now earn at least $15 per hour or more.

Increments will be given to team leaders working at Walmart stores and Supercentres on an hourly basis. Their new minimum wage will begin at $18 to $21 an hour, and go up to $30 per hour if they are shouldering team leadership responsibilities at a Supercentre.

The hike will come into effect next month, that is, October, and will replace the annual hikes that employees expect in February or April every year.

Owing to the pandemic, Walmart has witnessed an increase in online sales, with people preferring to order online rather than visit stores, in keeping with the social distancing norms.

Walmart is focussing on developing its e-commerce business by increasing online sales and improving its product mix. It has recently collaborated with Shopify, which is used by more than a million businesses. This has opened Walmart’s marketplace to Shopify’s sellers as well and resulted into a better range of choices for its existing buyers.

Quite recently, the retailer made an attempt to acquire TikTok, the online video sharing company.

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