TCS bats for satellite offices, more women in the workforce

Expanding the hybrid model of work further, Tata Consultancy Services plans to incorporate satellite offices as a third option


For the over four lakh employees at Tata Consultancy Services, the future of work lies in the ‘third place’ or the satellite office. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chairman, Tata Sons, revealed at the Qatar Economic Forum, that the pandemic has changed the way people work and the speed at which organisations are adopting the digital route. The rapid rate of digitisation we are witnessing presently is something we would not have seen for another decade, were it not for the pandemic. So, TCS has also altered the ‘way of work’ and the ‘work environment’ to include satellite offices for its staff.

Tata Consultancy Services sees more women joining the workforce with the implementation of the hybrid model of work, as more work gets done beyond the office. While the physical offices will be retained to serve as critical centres, TCS does not expect a 100 per cent work-from-office situation any time soon. However, it seems that most of the employees at TCS are in favour of returning to office, and therefore, TCS has come up with the plan to implement a third option — satellite offices. This is an extension of the hybrid work model, where, in addition to working from home and from the office, there would be a third option to work from a satellite office.

This, the Company hopes, will make the workplace more diverse and will encourage more women to comfortably take up full-time jobs. In the longer run, the GDP will also grow and the economy of the country will get a boost.

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