75% TCS staff to permanently work from home by 2025

The IT company is planning to embrace the work-from- home model in a bigger way.


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is gearing up to embrace work from home in a bigger way within the next five years. In the new approach that TCS is planning to implement, the Company will benefit from the Secure Borderless Work Spaces (SBWS) model of operation. Not only will SBWS ensure high level of cyber security, it will also facilitate project-management practices without any adverse effect on quality.

The Indian multinational information technology (IT) services company is working towards giving up the traditional model of maintaining huge offices and swanky work spaces. It will adopt the work-from-home model for good. It will be making arrangements for about 4.48 lakh members of its workforce in India and abroad, to permanently work from home. Amidst the lockdown, presently, an average of 20 per cent of its staff is already working from home, and in the next five years, this arrangement may be made permanent.

The new 25/25 approach will result in minimal use of office space, as only 25 per cent of the staff will be working out of its offices, while the remaining will work from home. Also, the employees will be spending only 25 per cent of their working hours in the office, and the remaining at home. In case of team projects, only 75 per cent of the team members will be allowed to work in one location, with the remaining will be assigned to different locations as per the requirement. The Company is confident that despite the reduced workforce in the office, it will be able to achieve 100 per cent productivity.

Even amidst the lockdown, the SBWS platform reportedly saw TCS holding 35,000 meetings. Over 40 lakh official calls were made and about 340 lakh messages were exchanged across the Company.

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