German train drivers demand pay hike; to strike for 20 hours

The drivers want their salary to be increased by $593 per month.


Starting 16 November, train drivers in Germany along with guards and other staff are preparing to go on a 20-hour strike. The GDL train drivers’ union in the country is seeking a pay hike. They are in discussions with rail operator, Deutsche Bahn (DB).

In addition to the pay hike, the employees also want a one-off payment of over $3,000 to tackle inflation and rising expenses.

Deutsche Bahn considers the strike uncalled for since negotiations and discussions have been on and some more meetings had already been scheduled.

The protestors also wish for their work hours to be reduced without affecting their pay in any way. They are presently putting in 38 hours of work, which they want to be reduced to 35 hours.

Earlier, DB had offered a hike of 11 per cent, but GDL thought it was DB’s way of steering clear of discussions pertaining to their primary demands.

Earlier this year, EVG, a rival union had already settled on an increment with DB with the help of an arbitrator. Their deal resulted in a pay hike which was to be disbursed in two phases over 25 months, in addition to a one-off payment of €2,850 per employee, which would be tax free.

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