BBC employee suspended for misconduct, exploitation of teenager

The unnamed employee has been accused of paying significant money to a teenager for ‘sexually explicit images


That BBC takes allegations and work ethics seriously is quite clear from the recent announcement of the suspension of a male member of the workforce for exploiting a very young person over a period of a couple of years.

According to media reports, for about three years, the teenager in question was paid over $45,000 for sexually-explicit photographs, by a BBC presenter whose name has not been revealed yet.

This was brought to the notice of BBC in May 2023 post which thorough investigation was conducted into the matter internally. New allegations were leveled recently, and that led to the presenter being suspended.

The British broadcaster has made it known that it has appropriate policies and processes in place to take action in case of such situations and allegations, and that it takes such matters rather seriously.

When the process of paying for the photographs began, the victim was only 17 years of age, all but a child. When the allegation was reported, there was pressure on BBC from the government too for quick action and thorough investigation. More details will be revealed soon.

Considering that the victim was but a child when this form of exploitation began, the allegations take on a rather serious hue, as the act is sure to have adversely affected the teenager at different levels. The government has urged BBC to take strict action, keeping in mind the age of the teenager and the disturbance caused.

Lucy Frazer, minister of culture, media and sports, has been openly expressing her desire to ensure justice. Her tweets show how concerned she is that the matter be thoroughly examined and the culprit be brought to book.

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