62% Indians stressed about returning to office: Survey

Work pressure, toxic work culture and career decisions are the top stressors for working professionals in India


Did you know that 31 per cent Indians attribute work pressure as a primary reason for mental health issues? About 50 per cent of Millennials believe that lack of work-life balance leads to mental health issues. Gen Z, on the other hand, is more worried about career decisions. In fact, 57 per cent of this cohort is concerned about their career-related decisions. A whopping 87 per cent of those who admitted to being stressed at the workplace look forward to better work-life balance policies.

These interesting data emerged from a survey by ITC’s Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing. The report reveals that GenZ is 18 per cent more anxious about their career than the Millennials.

Interestingly, about 62 per cent Indian professionals are stressed about returning to office after having enjoyed the convenience of working remotely or in a hybrid setting.

About 58 per cent Indians deal with their stress by practising Yoga (29 per cent), meditation (31 per cent) and physical exercise (26 per cent) to combat stress. The majority of Indians, however, listen to music to eliminate stress and negativity. While some binge watch films and gorge on ice cream to beat stress, others watch their favourite film.

While 35 per cent Indian men are willing to try online counseling, 31 per cent Indian men are open to meeting therapists for counselling if advised for the same by their friends and family.

The primary factors that cause stress for Indian professionals are a toxic work culture and career decisions.

The survey that covered 800 men and women in the 16-45 age range across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, revealed that about 51 per cent of Indians who believe social media has a positive impact turn to online counselling as a treatment option for mental health issues. One in every two Millennials is likely to approach a professional for immediately help in case of mental health issues. A good 76 per cent of respondents admitted to sharing mental-health memes on social media.

Clearly, the attitude of Indians towards mental health issues is evolving, albeit slowly. Conversations around the topic are being encouraged and there is more awareness, especially amongst the Millennials.

Over 80 per cent of the respondents agree that their family, parents and friends would support them if they sought therapy. This is rather heartening.

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