“Reskilling & upskilling will help employees navigate the new normal,” Tanvi Choksi

In 2022, the key additional element that organisations should focus on is equity, shares Tanvi Choksi, CHRO- Asia Pacific, JLL


A big change in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting implications on the future of work. The way most organisations used to operate has changed dramatically as more employees are now working remotely. One big change that most organisations have seen and will adopt in the future is the hybrid work model; which is a combination of remote work and office collaboration with a particular focus on wellness and employee experience.

Nowadays, employees want comfortable working patterns. Given the current scenario and the fact that there is a need for more work-life balance today, employees must be provided with the flexibility to work remotely, so that they feel cared for and connected. The hybrid workplace ensures a seamless experience that’s conducive to flexible work styles. This benefit can increase their motivation level and performance. It will not be easy for organisations to achieve this but there will be a lot of work in this particular direction in 2022.

Continuous learning to combat resignation and aid retention

Employees are seeking new places because of burnout or because they didn’t feel protected at their previous workplace. I do think reskilling, upskilling or continuous learning will be a key weapon to aid retention. I think this will be helpful in two ways:

Preparing employees for the work shows one is willing to invest in them and want to help them grow with the company.

Training gets people the skills they need to succeed in their new working environment. And when they’re confident in their jobs, they’re more content.

Organisations are offering a plethora of learning and development opportunities to skill, upskill and reskill their employees. With the ever changing work environment, HR should focus on improving the skill set of the workforce. Interactive virtual learning will continue to take the center stage. LEARN, ASSESS, DEVELOP, GROW and MOVE should be the foundation on which organisations must build their learning modules.

Broader strategy to boost DE&I in 2022

Diversity and inclusion (DE&I) has been evolving and changing over the years in India in response to the changes in demographics, and socioeconomics. In 2022, the key additional element that organisations should focus on is equity. Employers should promote an atmosphere of openness, respect, inclusiveness, trust, and bring a sense of teamwork, collegiality, and diversity to everything they do.

They should recognise that having a range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives allows us to find new ways of doing things, leading ultimately to the creation and delivery of the best possible solutions. Leaders should employ DE&I throughout their organisations. Organisations in India need to customise strategies to execute DE&I goals. Diversity, equity and inclusion need to be highlighted as an essential part of our business practices.

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