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[24]7.ai announces women-friendly initiatives, upholds gender diversity

7.ai, the intent-driven customer engagement solutions company, which has a diversity ratio of 31 per cent presently, has been working to create a gender...

7 mantras for increasing gender diversity at the workplace

The terms ‘gender parity’ and ‘women rights’ are not new to us. For decades, equal opportunities are being demanded, requested and fought for. We...

Deutsche Bank wants women in 30% senior roles in 5 years

Deutsche Bank presently has about 600 senior executives, with only about 24 per cent of them being women. Now, the German lender, is aiming...

Welspun Group launches WoW initiative to promote gender diversity

Welspun Group launches its Women of Welspun (WoW) programme, built on the basis of its core principles of gender diversity and opportunities for all....

77% startups had less than 20% women in leadership: Report

Gender diversity remains a challenge for startups even today. About 77 per cent startups (compared to 69 per cent in 2019) surveyed by InnoVen...

D&I – Cummins India does it right

For Cummins, the motto is to be more innovative by being more diverse. As a broad strategy, it wishes to be representative of India’s...

Epsilon India: Gender diversity is high on agenda

The mission of Epsilon India, the digital marketing agency, is to increase the share of women employees in its workforce to around 50 per...

Gender diversity improves at IIMs

With an increase in the number of girl students appearing for the Common Admission Test (CAT), it is not surprising that more women are...

Adobe India bridges the wage gap between men and women

Adobe India has achieved gender pay parity in its workforce.

Gender discrimination in disguise? Parliament to mull two days’ paid menstrual...

Being unavailable for work for two long days could go against the idea of equality at the workplace 

Celebrate the return of mother employee

A century-old real estate company Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) follows very simple practices to welcome returning mothers.

How Owens Corning is getting more women in manufacturing

An equal opportunity employer, the company has been consciously working towards creating a diverse, safe, and women-friendly work culture and environment.

Women leadership hiring increased 25% in India, from 2008-16: LinkedIn report

The report titled, ‘Moving the Needle for Women Leaders’ states that women now hold just over 25 per cent of all leadership positions globally

Why gender diversity is not a drive but a natural phenomenon...

Sulekha’s robust and fair performance management system, strongly linked to its talent management, led to a lot of women automatically emerging as high performers.

Hinduja Global Solutions espouses woman power with ‘Agrima’

Working from the grassroots up to the middle management level, Agrima is a self-nominated training program focused on building a more holistic sense of self awareness and self-esteem.

When are you going the family way?

With the new Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2016 offering 26 weeks’ leave, it is being feared that recruiters will now discreetly yet increasingly ask women candidates whether they plan to start a family. A candidate can refuse to answer the question.

It’s appalling how most companies hire women directors only to comply

The need to comply seems to have become a stronger driver of gender diversity than the belief that it adds value or creates the brand image of a progressive organisation.

Vodafone’s ReConnect: A career launchpad for women on break

The programme aims to bring talented women in 26 countries back into the workplace after a career break

P&G’s multiple measures to boost gender equality

Procter & Gamble recently announced a series of measures to encourage gender equality across the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Africa.


3M, Bank of Montreal & Rockwell Automation to receive top honour...

The initiatives adopted by these companies have successfully changed minds, altered behaviours and created more opportunities for women.


Three reasons, why gender pay gap widens with age

Gender pay gap is smallest among young and early-career workers, growing steadily with age into mid- and late career.

After Iceland, Women in France also leave work at sharp 4.34...

The time marks the moment at which they stopped getting paid for, in comparison to men.


Facebook takes steps to enhance workforce diversity

Despite various measures, Whites and Asians still comprise 52 per cent and 38 per cent of the population at Facebook, respectively.

Airtel wakes up to gender diversity

The telecom company has tried to address a serious issue with a change in policy, which will ensure that women employees will get the same role or an equivalent one once she returns from her 22 weeks of maternity leave.

iWork@home: ICICI’s master stroke on gender diversity

The programme takes care of women’s needs as mothers and home-makers so that they can give their best to their professions as well.

Maersk Line’s ‘Back2Work’: Second innings for women

The career-transition programme for women professionals who have taken a six-month break or more, provides an opportunity to work on live projects at flexible timings.

Google employees  protest against mass layoffs

Google, the tech giant, recently fired approximately 12,000 employees in January, which resulted in protests from workers in both the US coasts. The workers...


‘Revise wages periodically in public interest’: SC to public employers

According to the Supreme Court, State and public employers are obliged to revise wages for their employees periodically, considering the adverse effects of price...

Pension reforms being pushed forward: France goes on strike

A nationwide strike on Tuesday marched in opposition and caused disruptions in French public transportation as protests took place across the country in response...

7 companies lay off their workforce globally

 Match Match Group Inc, the company behind popular dating platforms such as Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, announced on Wednesday that it would be laying off...

GNIDA terminates the services of 49 employees

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has terminated the services of 49 contractual employees after an investigation uncovered irregularities in their appointment process....


EQ, IQ & empathy define the success of a CEO

Q. You spent 16 years at LIC before moving to a corporate role at ICICI Prudential. Now, 22 years on, I am still curious...

“The big change has been that we have moved from jobs to skills,” Amaresh...

Q. How would you define the culture at GE? A. Having been present in this region since 1902, GE has been around for 120 years....

“Being good to everyone is being unjust to performers,” Mathew Job, CEO, Crompton

Q. In today’s times, what’s more challenging for a CEO like you — profit & business growth, talent & people, diversification, compliance or managing...