Hindustan Unilever aims to reskill, upskill staff over next 5 years

The FMCG company, which has a 21,000-strong workforce, has always been innovative when it comes to employee welfare and the general good of the community


Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is gearing up to ensure that its staff members become future-ready, by reskilling or upskilling them in the next five years. This is part of its efforts to ensure inclusivity and improve the living standards of not just its own employees, but people across its value chain.

Considering that the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company has more than 21,000 employees, including 12,000 blue-collar staff, across its 31 factories and 15 offices in India, it is a huge goal. These efforts will bear fruit when all these families start experiencing and living better lives and have a positive effect on all those who are associated with them. Not only will this initiative ensure a more equitable workplace, its ripple effect will spread far and wide, improving the lives of millions.

Known for thinking big and thinking good for the larger community, HUL created waves last year, by announcing the first-of-its-kind policy for survivors of abuse. What was unique was that the policy was not limited to the workplace, but also covered abuse at home or experienced online. The policy is aimed at protecting and providing relief to employees, who have suffered emotional or physical abuse beyond the workplace. As per the policy, the concerned employees would receive medical care, psychological counselling as well as reimbursement for lodging expenses for 15 days, till they are able to arrange suitable accommodation. The policy also allows the employees in question to work from an HUL office in a different location for a month if they so wish or follow a flexible work schedule.

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