Will supercharging Google Assistant lead to job loss?

With generative AI being used to give it a makeover, many jobs within Google may become redundant say media reports


Google Assistant, the virtual assistant software application available primarily on mobile and home automation devices, is set for a makeover. The app is going to be infused with generative artificial intelligence (AI), which will enhance its features. That means, Assistant will now probably be able to give more intelligent and meaningful answers to even complex questions. While this may be great news for the users of the app, those who have been working on the same all this while may end up losing their jobs.

It is reported that post the makeover, Google Assistant will be able to replicate ChatGPT and other chatbots, including Google’s Bard, and it will be powered by the “latest large language model or LLM”.

Employees have been reportedly informed of the rehauling of Google Assistant via an e-mail. The staff has been told that whilst the company is looking forward to the new ‘supercharged’ avatar of Google Assistant, the existing teams responsible for the maintenance of Assistant will undergo reorganisation, which may lead to certain roles being axed.

While the exact number of jobs that may be impacted has not been made public officially, media reports say that dozens may be affected.

Those impacted have been informed of the job cuts and the company has assured them support in handling this change, as per the internal mail seen by Axios.


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