Citigroup and Star India do their bit for inclusion and diversity

Both the companies have decided to offer employee benefits to the partners of their straight and LGBT staff.


Citigroup has upheld its inclusiveness mission by ensuring that its employee benefits and policies cover the domestic partners, including live-in partners of all its employees in India, both straight and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ).

The Company is probably the first in India to offer insurance cover to live-in or unmarried partners of its heterosexual staff.

It will extend medical insurance benefits to domestic partners, irrespective of sex, as long as they are living together. Domestic relocation benefits, which earlier applied to spouses, parents or dependent children of staff will now apply to domestic partners of all its employees. This is good news for its 17000 strong workforce in the country.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion, Star India has also extended health insurance cover to the partners of its LGBT+ staff, with effect from 1 July.

Most companies refrain from offering insurance cover to unmarried or live-in partners of their heterosexual staff members since the country has yet to clearly outline the legal status and rights of unmarried couples or live-in relationships.

Obtaining such health covers is a challenge for individuals since they have to produce proof. But when it is part of group insurance policies, the responsibility lies with the concerned companies, making things much easier.

Godrej Group, Accenture and IBM are the other organisations that offer medical insurance to same-sex partners of their LGBTQ staff.

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