Amazon to hire 100,000 more and offer increments

The Company is facing a deluge of online orders due to the coronavirus pandemic


Amazon is planning to expand its warehouse and delivery workforce in the US by 100,000. The American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, has been facing a deluge of online orders following the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is hiring more full-time and part-time workers and also planning to give pay hikes to the existing staff.

At present, the workers are paid $15 per hour, and even more in certain areas of the US. The Company is now planning to increase the pay for these workers by two dollars an hour in the US, two pounds per hour in the UK and by two euros per hour in the EU nations.

Amazon is inviting applications from employees in the travel and hospitality space, who have lost their jobs or have been furloughed.

With online shopping becoming more rampant due to people being quarantined, Amazon has been hit by delays in delivery and even shortage of products. Also, the stocks in stores are running out, especially for certain products whose demand has increased. To top it all, earlier this month, Amazon offered a relaxation in attendance policy to its warehouse employees amidst the virus outbreak. The workers were allowed to take unlimited unpaid leaves in March.

Therefore, there have been disruptions in operations. Even Amazon’s Prime customers have had to face delays in delivery. Services, such as Prime Now and the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service have been reporting limited availability for some time now.

Despite some factories in China remaining offline, Amazon has been putting in extra efforts to keep its supply chain running smoothly. Third-party sellers have also been trying to help fulfil the surge in demand.

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