Cognizant is Top Employer 2019 in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America

The Top Employers Institute has recognised Cognizant’s performance in terms of talent strategy in Europe, Singapore and Brazil.


American multinational IT services provider, Cognizant, has been certified as a Top Employer for 2019, not only across 10 countries of Europe, but also in Australia, Brazil and Singapore.

Every year, the Top Employers Institute awards the top employers globally for their optimisation of hiring practices so as to ensure a great work environment, and also nurture talent. The Institute’s certificate of excellence is awarded to companies that provide ideal working conditions for their employees and also ensure the personal and professional development of the members of their workforce. It is such an environment and the workforce that performs in such ideal conditions that together help companies grow.

While the Australian and Singaporean offices of the Cognizant scored well in terms of leadership development and compensation and benefits, the European countries performed well in terms of workforce planning and on-boarding.

Coincidentally, Cognizant has completed its silver jubilee recently and is also ranked 195 on the Fortune 500 list.

According to the Top Employers Institute, Cognizant’s offices offer excellent working conditions to the employees and they believe in putting the employee first. The Institute recognises organisations such as Cognizant that align their policies and practices such that the world of work is enriched globally.

Cognizant has been frequently listed amongst the best companies in the world. Its industry-based, consultative model ensures that its clients are able to run their businesses more efficiently and innovatively.

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