40% pay hike for Akasa Air pilots w.e.f July 2023

Akasa has also revised its fixed pay hours to 40 compared to the earlier 45 hours.


Come July and pilots of Akasa Air will see their salary rising by up to 40 per cent. Starting next month, the senior first officers of Akasa, who were earning Rs 2.75 lakh per month till now, will be receiving Rs 4.30 lakhs per month.

The airline is implementing these increments in a bid to retain its pilots amidst a surge in demand for pilots and flight attendants.

Senior captains, who were till now paid Rs 5.75 lakh per month, will start earning Rs 6.25 lakh per month with effect from July 2023. The pay will increase according to the number of hours of flying and the experience level of the pilots, as reported by ET. Captains are not allowed to fly more than 60 hours a month, for which they can earn up to Rs 7.75 lakh. This is about six per cent more than the Rs 7.28 lakh per month that they were paid till now, which is about 6 per cent more than the current Rs 7.28 lakh per month.

That is not all. The fixed pay hours have also been revised from 45 hours to 40 now. Therefore, pilots can be assured of a higher fixed salary for lesser (40) hours of flying. For every extra flying hour, a captain will be paid Rs 7,500, while a first officer will be paid Rs 3,045!

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