Sahara employees get increments, promotions

The Sahara Group did not lay off any of its staff members, or impose pay cuts despite the financial pressure due to the pandemic


While most businesses are imposing pay cuts and even laying off employees to stay afloat amidst the economic slump caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sahara Group claims to have given pay hikes and promotions to its 14-lakh strong workforce.

On June 15, the Group revealed that it has doled out increments and promotions to its employees. On the basis of productivity, it has promoted its 4,05,874 field workers by one cadre. In addition, it has promoted and given pay hikes to about 4,808 office workers.

It also said that it does not intend to go for any layoffs. Instead, the Sahara Group is planning to hire people who have recently migrated to Uttar Pradesh from different parts of the country amidst the outbreak. The objective is to give them employment by engaging them in the Group’s business activities, according to their qualifications and skills.

However, the Group does not deny that the pandemic has disturbed the economy and placed a lot of financial burden on its businesses. But, it is committed to ensure job security to its employees, despite the financial challenges.

In an official statement, the Group has requested organisations to give consideration to the livelihoods of their employees, emphasising that all employers are the guardians of their employees. This makes them responsible for the wellbeing of their employees and their families, especially during such a crisis. The Group has appealed to businesses to come forward and support their employees “in the interest of humanity, society and the nation at such a difficult time.”

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