Cipla celebrates Family Day for better employee connect


The objective was to bring together people to bond better and let their dear ones experience the place where they spend a large part of their day.

In an innovative effort to revive its connect with its employees, as well as their actual support systems — their families — Cipla recently celebrated the CiplaFamilyDay. The day was aimed to bring together people to bond better and let their dear ones experience the place where they spend a large part of their day.

The event comes under the umbrella of the 80-year old pharma company’s organisation transformation drive under the OneCipla philosophy, initiated by its global chief people officer, Prabir Jha. Attended by over 1000 families of employees across the two corporate offices of Cipla in Mumbai, the event had various employee-connect interventions as part of the CiplaFamilyDay exercise.

There were a series of workshops and fun activities to engage the kids and other family members, such as cookery and etiquette sessions and other general fun and frolic games followed by lunch. “The idea was to make the family see the workplace, have a good time and go back as Cipla brand ambassadors!” says Jha.

Talking about the memorable experience people had on the FamilyDay, Jha says, “The feedback has been amazing. This is part of our larger mission of ‘Caring for Life’. He also told HRKatha how employees loved showing off their seats/work stations to their kids and explaining to them what they do at work, while the kids enjoyed being a part of their parents’ workplace for a day.

Sharing the company’s plans to do more such events across locations, Jha says, “We want to do this across Cipla, globally, as an annual event as part of our OneCipla philosophy, to thank families for their support and understanding. We plan the next one at our R&D centre in January.”

It is a natural urge for every employee to wish to make their family feel proud of what they do. They look forward to helping them, especially the children, understand why and for what they are away from home the whole day. Such initiatives make families understand and feel comfortable about their dear one’s workplace. As Jha says, “The kids and spouses feel energised and happy with their day out at Cipla. Their positive experience helps the company generate more goodwill, support and brand ambassadorship.”

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