TCS recruits 12,356 in first quarter

Not only has the Company taken on about 30,000 freshers, but the percentage of women in its workforce has also risen to 36.1 per cent.


The enriching workplace and enviable retention rates at Tata Consultancy Services (TC) are clear from the fact that the Company added 12,356 employees in the first quarter. It has given offer letters to more than 30,000 freshers, of which 40 per cent have already got on board in Q1 and the remaining will be onboarded in Q2. This has been the last employment drive for TCS in the past few years.

The low attrition rates at TCS are valued by its customers as it not only makes the Company more stable but also ensures better service delivery with minimum disruption.

The total headcount presently stands at 436,641. With TCS continuously trying to attract the best local talent across major markets, globally, the workforce will only become more diverse in the future. About 149 nationalities are part of its global staff right now, and the number of women in the workforce has already risen significantly, to 36.1 per cent.

The Company believes in continuous investment in talent development. More than 315,000 employees have already been trained on various new technologies at the end of the first quarter, while more than 361,000 employees have been trained on agile techniques.

Not surprisingly, TCS continues to score high in terms of talent retention. Its employee costs are also higher today than they were at the same time last year. The costs have gone up to Rs 20,809 crore from Rs 18,548 crore.

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