National Education Policy – Enough focus on vocational education? – Part I

Does the draft NEP create the right balance to redress the dichotomy between the academic world and the world of work?


The narrative on India’s education system is many things at once – hopeful, despondent and overwhelming. India’s Higher Education system is vast- the third-largest in the world with over 800 universities and more than 35,000 affiliated colleges catering to over 30 million students. The deepening chasm between education, skills, jobs, and employability has left India’s youth in the lurch. The recent Periodic Labour Force Survey Report bares the irony in our education system. Employability has steadily become inversely proportional to education; higher education attainment is simply not making the mark. The differentiator here is a relevant education – one that gives equal prominence to skills and degrees and keeps pace with modern labour market requirements…Read more

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