Cornerstone OnDemand launches two employee engagement applications


The two applications help capture real-time feedback from employees across locations, and also benchmark the data against peer companies, rivals and even within internal departments.  

Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) has launched two new people analytics software applications – Cornerstone Engage and Cornerstone Benchmark. These applications are built to give deeper and real-time insight of the workforce in an organisation. The company claims these new applications will help HR business leaders to get insights on how the workforce performs and accordingly make better strategic decisions that will have positive impact on the business.
Adam Miller, founder and CEO, CSOD, says, “These people analytics applications will provide real-time insights into the workforces, remove the reliance on guesswork and intuition and enable the users to take quick action for the health and success of their organisation.” Cornerstone which is into cloud-based learning and human capital management software has 17 years of cloud data, which it will use and apply analytics to derive workforce business decisions.

Cornerstone Engage

Adam Miller

Based on the idea that a more engaged workforce has a positive effect on the bottom lines of employees, this application boasts of measuring factors such as sentiment towards organisation culture and satisfaction with seniors and bosses. Employees can share their inputs both online as well as on their mobile phones – which implies even employees at remote location with or without a computer can also provide their honest feedback. The same can used for annual surveys as well as quick pulse ones.

The application comes with a flexible dashboard that helps to find out areas of opportunity and improvement post the collection of data. The insights provided by the application can pinpoint areas of opportunity, and help organisations to develop effective action plans and track changes.  The application can be unified within a human capital management suite which implies it can be used without cleaning or importing existing employee information.

Cornerstone Benchmark
This application helps organisations to pit their data and strategy against peer organisations or even internal comparing one department with the other such as IT against finance or marketing againist operations. The application can identify and compare key HR and talent metrics.

CSOD claims to have collected petabytes of data, from 3000+ clients and 31 millions of users. However CSOD also ensures that the data is made available anonymously which means complete privacy is maintained in aggregating and sharing data.

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