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Deciphering the latest trends and insights from the entire gamut of employer-employee relationship and presenting a true picture of what’s happening in the people space. Ponder over causes that affects every employer and employee

Nestle’s Maggi is undergoing a major crisis and the entire leadership is busy firefighting. However, an effective internal communication plan can be helpful in dousing the fire faster.

Corporates today are more than willing to get back their former employees, who, in turn, are happy to rejoin. So, why is it that companies are willing to take back those who left for greener pastures?

Organisations today are grappling with job offer rejections which severely impact business. What are the factors responsible for candidates to turn down seemingly attractive jobs?

World Safety Day was observed on April 28, followed by the UN Global Safety Week scheduled from May 4–10. Organisations across the nation used this as an opportunity to review their organisational safety measures and reinforce among their employees and business associates the need to be safe and well.

Like every start-up promises a differentiated delivery, be it product or service, a fresh approach is much needed when it comes to spotting and sourcing a talent, and also to retain and nurture them.