Human resources department of McDonald’s to be probed

Investigations are on to find out whether the Company’s former CEO tried to cover up the misconduct of others


McDonald’s is investigating its human resources department to determine whether Steve Easterbrook, former CEO, actually did try to cover up the inappropriate behaviour of other employees during his tenure. The HR of the fast-food major has been undergoing an internal review since April.

Easterbrook had admitted to sending inappropriate messages to an employee, following which he was asked to leave with a hefty severange package, last year. However, recently, the Company learned that Easterbrook apparently had multiple affairs with subordinates and many issues with the HR department also came to light. This led McDonald’s to sue Easterbrook to reclaim the millions of dollars that it had paid to him as compensation

The investigations have now expanded with a law firm being hired to find out whether Easterbrook, who was terminated in November, had tried to cover up the misdeeds and misconduct of the HR department.

Employees of the Company have alleged that some of them lost opportunities to grow or get promoted simply because they did not participate in a social gathering that took place after work hours.

For a couple of months now, Heidi Capozzi, chief-HR, McDonald’s, who was appointed in March, has been formally reviewing the department, including its performance evaluation process and the manner of investigating employee grievances and issues. She is said to be relying on surveys and listening session with employees to culturally assess the organisation.

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