Amazon employees’ deplorable working conditions make headlines again

Social-media posts reveal that drivers have had to urinate in bottles and even defecate in bags because of work pressure


Recently, a politician in the US accused Amazon of not being a ‘progressive workplace’, because its workers apparently urinate in water bottles. However, the Company denied the allegation saying that if working conditions were really so deplorable, nobody would be working for Amazon at all.

The Intercept reportedly found that there really have been incidents of delivery drivers having had to urinate in bottles and even defecate in bags because their tight schedule and targets did not allow them time to use a rest room.

An employee shared an e-mail with the news agency wherein there is mention of a bag with human faeces and urine bottles being found in delivery vans on three occasions, proving that the Company was definitely aware of such incidents. The e-mail also directs employees to check delivery vans properly for such bottles, bags and garbage.

Amazon has been facing increasing pressure to improve transparency and better the working conditions at its facilities. The Company has been trying to delay a union vote, which workers have been trying to push in Alabama.

Many employees across Amazon’s global facilities had raised their voices against the unhygienic and inhuman working conditions amidst the pandemic last year. This had earned the Company a lot of criticism even while it hired 500,000 global workers in 2020, when online orders surged due to people being confined to their homes due to risk of COVID-19.

There were over a million employees in Amazon by the end of 2020 and in January, it attained a market cap of a trillion dollars.

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