TikTok may allow users to find jobs on the app

The video platform is testing a tool or feature that will allow users to upload a ‘video resumes’ to their profiles.


TikTok, the Chinese short-video platform, is testing out a programme that will enable the platform to function as a recruitment channel too. TikTok has approached some companies to participate in the pilot programme. While job seekers will be able to seek jobs, employers will be able to find talent to fill vacancies at their organisations.

If all goes well, TikTok users will be able to access a separate web page through TikTok, where they can go through openings and job opportunities posted by various brands. These will mainly be entry-level jobs.

Interestingly, young job seekers will be able to post a TikTok video resume to the site instead of the traditional resume. Users will have the option to make their video resumes as unique as possible, while revealing details of their experience or presenting their competence.

However, nothing is certain yet. The tool may or may not be made available, depending on how satisfactory the testing turns out to be.

It is reported that TikTok is already working with various brands to test in-app sales in Europe. This is yet another step in the direction of growing its e-commerce business, relying on recommendations thrown up based on artificial intelligence and interests.

TikTok is only following on the heels of Facebook, which launched tools to improve shopping experience on its platform. Similarly, Instagram, and Pinterest have also forayed into e-commerce and have begun to channel buyers to sellers’ websites.

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