Elizabeth Morrison is Levi’s chief diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B) officer

The appointment comes at a time when the call for racial justice is causing ripples across corporations


Elizabeth A Morrison has been chosen to champion the efforts of Levi’s in creating a more diverse and equitable company culture. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other African Americans, since June, Levi’s has taken a step in the right direction to assert its commitments towards racial justice and equity.

The American clothing company went on to fulfil its commitment towards increasing transparency by sharing the Company’s demographic data with its workforce, and it has admitted to not being “where it’s supposed to be.”

Morrison is backed by 20 years of experience in the area of building diversity in the workplace. Morrison is a purpose-driven leader with expertise in diversity, equality and inclusion, strategic communications and change management.

She has been actively engaging and activating employees, key stakeholders, fans and customers around talent, culture, belonging, brands and products. Further, she is also highly skilled in change management, innovative learning and development programmes, and the ability to ignite synergies to create dynamically diverse and inclusive high-performance environments. At Levi’s she will be responsible for ensuring that the Company retains and draws diverse employees.

Previously, she was the vice president of diversity and belonging, Live Nation Entertainment, for three years. She has also worked in the global diversity and inclusion space at Campbell Soup Company and helped accelerate employee engagement and culture at Comcast.

Chip Bergh, CEO, Levi’s, believes that diverse and heterogeneous workplaces tend to outperform homogeneous ones and help build a more inclusive future workplace. Therefore, Morrison was the perfect choice to spearhead this change for the Company, which is known for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans.

Morrison will also work in hiring, supporting, promoting and elevating diversity at Levi’s Strauss and Co.

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