Twitter workforce hates Musk, reveals engineer in video

In the video that has gone viral, the employee also shares that the micro blogging site censors right winters


A video that has gone viral shows a senior engineer from Twitter, Siru Murugesan, talking about how Twitter openly censors right wingers and conservatives. In the video, Murugesan reveals that the social-media giant is biased towards left wingers and that the Company does not support free speech.

He also goes on to share that the employees at Twitter have disliked Elon Musk ever since he revealed his intentions to take over the platform.

He alleges that the left-wing culture at Twitter is so strong that his own views changed over time and he became more inclined to the Left.

Murugesan goes on to admit that ever since the acquisition process by Musk began, the employees have been gripped by uncertainty and the fear of losing their jobs, primarily because they are aware that Musk is not used to the culture of Twitter and the way it functions.

He calls Musk a capitalist and explains that capitalists worry about business outcomes and therefore, he would not be able to tolerate the way Twitter operates, which is more socialist in nature. According to him, Twitter staff work as they wish to; that there is more than the required focus on mental health, which allows employees to take breaks whenever they wish to, with some people going off for even up to a month.

While Musk had agreed to take over Twitter for $44 billion, he recently declared that he will not go through with it unless Twitters presents proof of less than five per cent of its accounts being fake or spam, in public.

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