BVC Logistics allows teams to work anytime, anywhere, any day

The secure logistics company is focussed on the outcome and not the number of working hours.


BVC Logistics (BVCL), the Mumbai-based secure logistics firm, has rolled out a new policy allowing its teams to work from any location they wish, at any time of the day and any day(s) of the week!

Clearly, the firm’s culture places heavy emphasis on the wellbeing of its over 1500-strong workforce.

The new policy allows BVCites to work from any physical location, from home or from any of its over 75 offices in India, at whichever time of the day they’re most productive in (whether midnight onward or 5 a.m. onward. They can choose to work on the days of the week they prefer or feel they will be able to add the maximum value.

Through this policy, the Company makes it clear that it is focussed on the outcome and not the number of working hours.

It is hoped that this policy will see the employees of BVC happier.

That is not all. The team now also has ‘mandatory leaves’ every year to ensure that each BVCite’s relationships beyond work becomes stronger.

Bhavik Chinai, Group CEO shared that the policy outlines what people look for in a job today. “We’re proud to have hundreds of BVCites with us for over 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. Some BVCites have worked with us for over 40 years! The new policy reflects our trust in our team through action, not just words and reinforces our 60-year-old-startup culture.”

It is the Company’s belief that its policies will attract the best minds from across industries to help it achieve its goal of facilitating trade worth $100B annually, by 2025. The transformative attendance policy is the start of several initiatives at ensuring employee happiness and an overall cultural transformation.

Founded in 1960, BVCL provides secure logistics to the diamond and jewellery value chain, and handles the logistics of over half of India’s import and export, and domestic gems and jewellery. It has offices in Singalore and Hong Kong as well.

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