Facebook abolishes practice of forced arbitration for sexual harassment cases at work

Employees are now allowed to file cases against the Company and those accused.


Following the Google employees’ walkout that made headlines recently, organisations are now altering their policies on dealing with sexual harassment cases at the workplace. Facebook has also modified its Workplace Relationship Policy, and abolished forced arbitration in cases of sexual harassment. Henceforth, arbitration will be a choice instead of a must in sexual harassment cases.

Facebook employees are now allowed to file a lawsuit against the organisation and those accused of harassment. The complainants are not required to settle the matter through arbitration any more.

The technology company has also come up with six rules that can be followed by employees to keep unwanted advances and romantic attention from colleagues at bay. It advises employees to:

i. Refrain from asking a co-worker out on a date again if that person has already refused a date earlier.
ii. Avoid dating colleagues they haven’t met before; to not search for somebody on wiki and suggest a date or even compliment them for their looks.
iii. Intimate HR if they begin a relationship with someone in the line of command.
iv. Maintain professionalism at work even if they are dating or are married to a colleague and decide to end the relationship.
v. Not to provide performance feedback for a person they are dating from within the company or try to influence decisions pertaining to their compensation.
vi. Report to HR about a relationship in case they hold a senior position, say director or higher.

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