60 days’ notice a challenge for Indian Twitter staff in the US

These laid off employees hold H1B visas, and will have to find another job within 2 months to be able to stay on in the US


All H1B visa holders employed with Twitter, and who have been laid off will need to find another job within two months to be able to continue living in the US. There are many Indians with H1B visas who have been asked to leave by Twitter. If they fail to find an alternate job within 60 days, as per visa rules, they will have to return to India.

In such cases, Twitter, the Company that originally employed them, is bound by law to bear the expenses of their return to their home country.

As reported by India Today, many H1B visa holders have expressed their plight on social media and sought help. They have not yet received formal termination letters, but have been told via e-mail that they have been impacted. They have 60 days from the issue of termination letter to find another job, which is very limited time. Hence, they have sought help on Linkedin to find suitable positions lest they are deported.

The laid off employees will continue to be paid their salaries and benefits till January 2023. However, the last day of working will differ from employee to employee.

It is also reported that the existing employees are overburdened with work. Of the ones who were asked to leave, some were told they were terminated by mistake and were asked to rejoin. Many reportedly do not wish to rejoin but also fear that if they don’t they may lose out on the benefits due to them.

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