Tesla to Hire more autopilot data labellers

The new hires will be part of the autopilot data annotation team whose main task is to annotate images, videos and other data from cameras.


With its goal to achieve level 5 autonomy in 2021, Tesla is looking to hire more data labelers to develop its artificial intelligence (AI). The auto company’s official LinkedIn account reveals that the Company is searching for more people for its autopilot labelling team, with several data annotation-related job vacancies.

These labellers will be required to annotate images taken from its camera-surrounded vehicles. The Company’s approach to full self-driving mainly depends on cameras and neural networks, trained via real-world images collected by the fleet.

There seem to be an overwhelmingly large number of aspirants for the jobs, and most have already gone. However, posts for data annotation lead and data annotation supervisor are still vacant. The post for data annotation specialist is no longer available on the website.

The LinkedIn post clarifies that labeled data plays a very significant role in training powerful deep neural networks, which are essential to Tesla’s goal of achieving level 5 autonomy.

Once level 5 autonomy is achieved as is the aim, the steering wheel in the vehicles will become optional, as the cars will drive themselves.

Data labellers will facilitate the process of providing relevant information for the neural network by tagging images with the required information. Tesla’s cars upload huge amounts of data on a daily basis.

The number of labellers in its team far exceeds the number of autopilot engineers, who number only about a dozen.

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