Workers ready to give up 6-figure salary than return to office?

It appears that employees today are more keen to have flexibility and work-life balance than a high salary


An administrator in Arizona is bagging headlines due to her decision to quit her high-paying job rather than return to office full time! Felicia, who works as an administrator in Arizona, earns a six-figure salary. Her employer was following the hybrid model of work, which she felt was working out well for her, allowing her to be productive and also achieve a balance between home and office. She was able to work from home for three days and from her workplace / office for two days, which was ideal and rather effective according to her.

However, now that her employer wishes for her to return to office full time, the 53-year old has chosen to quit rather than compromise on flexibility and work-life balance, which, she believes are important for productivity too.

Since she was able to perform her official duties and accomplish her tasks from home too, she felt she didn’t need to return to the conventional 9 to 5 job anymore.

It is Felicia’s belief that she was able to work without any disturbance or distractions, from the quiet environs of her home; that she was able to focus on her work, and be more productive. At the same time, she enjoyed the two days of in-person working when she got to meet and interact with her colleagues at the physical office in the hybrid model. Full-time in-person working, she feels, leads to less productivity, as there are more casual interactions and gossip sessions, which are a huge distraction and waste precious time. The commute to work was also taking a toll on her, since she already believed that it was an unnecessary waste of time.

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