Meta employee fired after relocating from India to UK, describes it as devastating

The post reveals how the experience of being laid off from a new role in a foreign country is truly devastating


While layoffs are challenging for everyone involved, the impact is particularly devastating for those who had relocated to another country for their job. One such instance involves an Indian employee who recently moved to the UK but unfortunately became a casualty of Meta’s mass layoffs.

In a LinkedIn post, a former Meta employee, disclosed that he had relocated to the UK just a few months ago for the position in HR department. Unfortunately, he found himself among the individuals who lost their jobs due to the company’s ongoing mass layoffs.

As per the post, the tech recruiter expressed his situations after being laid off. He stated joining Meta was a significant step for his career development and growth, involving a relocation from India to the UK. However, the experience of being laid off from his new role in a foreign country is truly devastating. The employee also expressed his openness to new job opportunities along with his willingness to relocate anywhere within the UK, Europe, or even India.

In a similar line of events, a Meta employee of Indian origin shared her experience on LinkedIn, revealing that she learned about her layoff while attending her brother’s convocation in New Jersey. She recounted how she had relocated from New Jersey to California for her job, but precisely after one year, she received the unfortunate news that she was being let go from her position at Meta.

Meta’s recent wave of layoffs has had a global impact, affecting numerous individuals and their families. The company had previously announced a round of layoffs in March, which resulted in 4,000 job cuts, followed by an additional 6,000 employees being laid off.

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