Now a job portal based on diversity


The portal has listed over 15,000 women and 500 candidates with disabilities, and aims to include LGBT and senior citizens as well.

Companies usually find it difficult to implement their diversity agenda as they lack access to talent. A job portal, Equiv, has been launched that promises to address this problem.

The job portal will provide companies with a diverse talent pool and has listed potential candidates including women, persons with disability, senior citizens as well as LGBTs (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender).

Naren Krishna, CEO, Equiv says, “It’s not enough to come up with any solution to solve the problem of diversity and inclusion (D&I); it’s important to offer a scalable solution that can create impact at a scale. We aim to leverage technology and provide a suite of enterprise products that will help companies achieve their D&I goals. There are other interesting offerings, which are currently in the product-development stage.”

The portal has already listed 15,000 women and 500 candidates with disabilities, with referrals and internal-sourcing channels, and aims to include LGBT and senior citizens in a few months.

One of its unique offerings is the AI tool that delivers text analysis to help companies create the right job description, to attract diverse applications. With Equiv, the changemakers’ initiative got a boost with more than 4,000 women and 25 companies partnering for change. The Fair witnessed participation of 650 women, including freshers and those with over 15 years of experience and around 100 re-starters.

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