Visionet to make 25,000 underserved youth employable in a year

The Company’s free skill-building programme is open to undergraduates and graduates, irrespective of stream


Visionet’s free skill-building programme is being enhanced. Last year, Visionet Systems had announced its plan to train around one lakh graduates and make them employable over five years, for the information technology and BPM sectors. The Company had launched a 45-day programme for 500 young professionals. By April 2021, 600+ youngsters had already been trained free of cost, with 90 per cent of them getting corporate jobs.

Now, as Alok Bansal, MD and global head of BFSI Business, Visionet Systems, says, “We are creating a curriculum for IT practices that is being integrated with several colleges in Karnataka and in and around Mumbai.” The programme is being enhanced with the addition of “practical demos and training modules to make sure that the students get proficient in data analytics, data engineering, data science, cloud operations, cloud development, app development and the like.” Once the students complete the programme successfully, they have the option to “move within Visionet or be employable anywhere in the IT industry”. The 45 to 60-day programme, which is a mix of classroom and online sessions, is open to undergraduates and graduates, irrespective of stream.

When Visionet Systems’ project ‘Unnati for India’ was launched last year, the pandemic had disrupted everything, and adversely impacted the job market, with those from the lower-income backgrounds bearing the maximum brunt. With limited access to training, a gaping digital divide, disrupted education and limited employment opportunities, many job seekers in the 18 to 24 age range were left facing an uncertain future.

That is when Visionet Systems India had launched the free initiative called ‘Unnati for India’, aimed at plugging the skilling gaps in college curricula to ensure students are future ready and equipped to handle digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, NLP’s (Natural Language Processing) and so on.

The programme, which is free of cost, is especially beneficial for students from smaller towns and the lower rungs of the economic ladder. This year, Visionet Systems has inducted almost 200 such students in different businesses, with most of them joining BPM services. About 30 have been inducted in the IT sector. Close to 45 per cent of these 200 students are women.

Most of them have landed jobs Mumbai and Bangalore. Next year, the Company is planning to hire people just to monitor ‘Unnati for India’, as it tries to increase its outreach. To scale the project at a pan India level, it will collaborate with at least 30-40 colleges, to ensure about 20,000 to 25,000 students are benefitte. “We will also be expanding this program to skill the youth in capital markets and insurance in technology as well as BFSI,” says Bansal.

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