15 days’ special casual leave for government staff with COVID-infected dependents

This leave can be extended in case of active hospitalisation, till the patient is discharged


Employees of the Central government can avail 15 days of special casual leave (SCL) if any of their dependents or parents test positive for COVID. In case they are required to be hospitalised, the employees may avail any leave that is due and admissible beyond 15 days of SCL, till the time the patients are discharged.

According to the order from the Personnel Ministry, if government employees test positive, they shall be eligible for commuted leave of up to 20 days, starting from the date of testing positive. If hospitalisation is required beyond 20 days, the concerned employees will be able to avail commuted leave, against production of documentary proof of hospitalisation.

Following queries posed by staff and considering the challenges that government employees have had to overcome, the order also details treatment, regularisation of hospitalisation or quarantine period during COVID-19 pandemic.

If government employees come into direct contact with a COVID-positive person and are required to isolate themselves at home, as a precaution, they shall be considered to be on duty or working from home for seven days. The same benefit will be applicable to government employees who reside in containment zones, up until the zone is de-notified.

With lockdown restrictions having been relaxed, government offices in Delhi have reopened after almost a month and a half, with thin attendance. The government offices have been allowed to open with 100 per cent attendance of Group A officers, and only about 50 per cent attendance of officers of other categories.

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