HarperCollins US staff finally to get pay raise and bonus

The company was facing a strike by nearly 250 members of its staff who are part of the union. The strike, which has been going on since 10 November 2022, was a result of certain terms of their contracts.


HarperCollins, a book publishing company, faced a strike by nearly 250 members of its staff who are part of the union. On since 10 November 2022, this strike was due to certain terms of their contracts. However, after negotiations, a tentative agreement has been reached between HarperCollins and the Association of HarperCollins Employees affiliated with Local 2110 of the United Auto Workers, which represents over 200 employees.

Some changes that have been incorporated as a result of the negotiations are the increase in the total number of paid holidays and personal days from 15 to 17 and the addition of one paid volunteer day per year. Further, the employees can work remotely until they return to office full-time from July 1, 2023.

A joint labour and management committee has been formed where time spent working on community related activities are taken as work time and are to be paid as such. The number of union representatives has also increased and they are allowed to take time off to attend monthly union meetings and new hire orientation led by union members.

The deal also comprises several benefits for the employees, including guaranteed paid overtime, annual increases to minimum salary at each level for each year of the contract, starting from $47,500 this year, $48,500 in 2024, and $50,000 in 2025.

Furthermore, the agreement includes a $1,500 ratification bonus and guaranteed annual raises for staff following positive performance reviews.

A spokesperson for the HarperCollins Union expressed pride in what the strike has accomplished and gratitude for the support received during the three-month period. The spokesperson also mentioned that the fight will continue to ensure that HarperCollins is a diverse, safe, and inclusive workplace for all employees.

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